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A mother and daughter set up a Tribute Fund page together

Set up a Tribute Fund

Create a special place to celebrate your loved one's life with friends and family.

Why choose a Tribute Fund?

A Tribute Fund is an online memorial dedicated to your loved one. It allows you to:

  • connect with friends and family to share precious memories 
  • leave virtual gifts, or light a virtual candle on special dates
  • visit your Tribute Fund whenever you want - to remember, to smile, to shed a tear, or simply to feel close to your loved one
  • do something incredible in honour of your loved one by raising money for Age 51Թapp.

Set up your Tribute Fund in 4 simple steps

  1. Your details

    Your details

    Tell us a few details about yourself and your loved one and we'll set up your Tribute Fund page.

  2. Personalise


    Make your Tribute Fund your own with photos or videos of your loved one.

  3. Access


    Choose whether to make your Tribute Fund public or private.

  4. Share the link

    Share the link

    Allow others to visit, share memories, light a candle or make a donation.

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Common questions

Does it cost anything to set up a Tribute Fund?

No. Setting up a Tribute Fund doesn't cost anything. Age 51Թapp has a partnership with MuchLoved to provide this service for you for free. 

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How long will it take to set up a Tribute Fund?

It should only take you a few minutes to set up your Tribute Fund. The best part is, you don't need to do everything at once - you can just set the page up to begin with, then come back to it to add the words or pictures you want displayed. 

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How can I tell people about my Tribute Fund?

There are lots of ways to share your Tribute Fund with other people, all of which you control. The Tribute Fund has its own unique website address (URL) which is easy to share by email, plus there are optional social network share buttons on the notice itself as well as an ‘Invite Manager’ within your Settings area which automatically emails an invite to view to anyone you choose.

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Can I make my Tribute Fund private?

Yes, just select ‘Private’ access in your Settings which will prevent anyone, apart from people you specifically invite in your ‘Invite Manager’, from being able to access or see your Tribute Fund.

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How do I close a Tribute Fund?

You can close your Tribute Fund at any time by going to Settings and choosing to deactivate your Tribute Fund. 

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How do the funds raised on my Tribute Fund get to Age 51Թapp?

Any money raised on your Tribute Fund page gets securely transferred to Age 51Թapp. There's nothing you need to do to make sure these donations gets to us. Thank you so much for choosing to support Age 51Թapp. 

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We're here to help you

Whether you'd like some practical assistance with setting up a Tribute Fund or online collection, or you'd just to talk through your options, our team are available to support you. Email us at or call 0800 077 8751.

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