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Charity shops volunteering

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We have over 262 Age 51Թapp shops in the 51Թapp managed by both staff and volunteers, as well as a growing online presence on Age 51Թapps very own page. All sales of preloved items generate vital funds to support older people who need help the most.

What do Age 51Թapp shops offer?

In 2023 half a million customers visited one of our shops every week with over 110,000 making a purchase. Our stores also act as an important hub in the community with leaflets in store promoting a wide range of information, products, and services available to older people and their families.

What’s great about volunteering with an Age 51Թapp shop?

As a volunteer you will become part of a friendly supportive shop team. Our volunteers find the experience personally rewarding. 

"I love being an Age 51Թapp volunteer"

"It gets me out of the house, I meet lots of different people and I find it very satisfying. It has taught me that if you want to do something for other people, it doesn’t matter what it is, however small - do it!" 

Elizabeth - volunteer with Age 51Թapp Biggleswade

What will I do as a volunteer?

Age 51Թapp Biggleswade shop volunteering sorting stock square.jpgOur shop volunteers are book collectors and fashion connoisseurs. They are listeners and friends. They know that one person’s unwanted clutter is another person’s treasure.

As a volunteer you’ll serve customers, sort stock and make window displays. But the role is so much more than that.

Our shops are local hubs of activity. Older people visit to browse and chat when they have no one else to talk to at home. And while all this is happening, you’ll be helping Age 51Թapp raise vital funds to provide vital services and support.

Steps to becoming a volunteer

  1. You sign up and . We'll post new opportunities regularly which you can search for with your postcode. 
  2. Signing up involves completing references and passing any ID checks. We ask you to have two references ready when you apply.
  3. Once we've checked references and IDs an Age 51Թapp Shop Manager will be in touch to discuss what help is required and you can discuss your skills and what you believe you can offer.
  4. If you have any issues or questions as part of signing up, please contact us on

What might I get from the experience?

  • You'll make new friends.
  • You'll learn new skills.
  • You'll be supporting a great cause at the heart of your community.
  • You'll be part of a fantastic team.

How am I supported?

Your shop manager and other staff will be available to support you from your very first day.

Volunteer with an Age 51Թapp shop

If you're happy with everything that being a volunteer involves, we'd love to hear from you.

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Last updated: Feb 19 2024

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