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Age 51Թapp's digital instruction guides

The internet can seem complicated, but Age 51Թapp's step-by-step digital instruction guides can help you make sense of it. You can download the ones you need below.

"I don't think I could live without it now"

Jean talks to us about what using technology and being online mean to her, and how you can get started.

Our step-by-step instruction guides can help you feel confident and safe online. They cover everything from sending an email and doing your shopping to just making sure you're using the internet securely.

Whether you're a service provider looking for an additional helpful resource when delivering sessions, you're the friend or family member of someone hoping to get online, or you'd like to get online independently and just want a steer in the right direction, these guides are for you.

There are guides for beginners, guides at an intermediate level, and some guides at a more advanced level, for when you're feeling more confident online.

Whatever the level, each guide includes:

  • detailed step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow
  • a glossary or terminology list to help you make sense of digital jargon
  • helpful screenshots to illustrate various steps in the guide
  • a handy section for notes at the back, so you can jot down helpful tips and reminders.

Are you here for someone else?

If you're planning on sharing the digital instruction guides, you can download them, share a link to them, or print them off and post them. If you're printing them, you might decide you only need to print the pages that are most relevant.

Choosing your device

Before you can get online, it's important to find a device you feel comfortable using. Whether it's a tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop computer, or even something else, this guide can help work out what might suit you.

A guide to choosing your device

Making your device easier to use

There's lots you can do to make your device work best for you. You might need to make the font a bit bigger, for instance, or to start using the device's voice controls. This guide can show you how.

A guide to making your device easier to use

Connecting to the internet

Setting up an internet connection and getting online on your device can feel complicated – but these guides help explain things.

A beginner's guide to connecting to the internet

An intermediate guide to connecting to the internet

Sending and receiving emails

From setting up an email account to sending and receiving your first emails, these guides can help you connect with others. 

A beginner's guide to email

An intermediate guide to email

An advanced guide to email

Using apps

There's lots you can do on your device when you feel comfortable downloading and using apps – from games to social media. These guides show you how.

A beginner's guide to apps

An intermediate guide to apps

Video calling

Our guides can help you stay connected with friends and family by making and receiving video calls.

A beginner's guide to video calling

An intermediate guide to video calling

Online shopping

Shopping online can be really convenient – and can help you find a bargain. But knowing where to start and how to do it safely can seem daunting. Our guides can help.

A beginner's guide to shopping online

An intermediate guide to shopping online

Entertainment and hobbies

Feeling comfortable online can open up a whole new world of entertainment and hobbies, and help you continue doing things you already enjoy in a different way. Our guide can help you get started.

A guide to online entertainment and hobbies

Accessing local services

These guides can help you access local services online and do things such as book a doctor's appointment and pay a utility bill using your device.

A beginner's guide to local services

An intermediate guide to local services

Staying safe online

We all want to feel safe when using the internet. These guides can help you look out for scams, keep your accounts secure, and feel confident online.

A beginner's guide to staying safe online

An intermediate guide to staying safe online

Do you have a question?

Please get in touch at if you have any questions about using Age 51Թapp's digital instruction guides. 

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Last updated: Mar 13 2023

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